Programmatic thresholds

Adkompas Team
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There isn’t a specific threshold that universally determines when header bidding becomes feasible for demand partners. The feasibility of implementing header bidding depends on various factors, including the specific requirements and capabilities of your ad selling setup, as well as the characteristics of your demand partners. However, here are a few considerations that can help assess the feasibility:

Ad volume: If you have a significant volume of ad impressions available, header bidding can be more feasible. Higher ad volume provides more opportunities for demand partners to compete, increasing the likelihood of generating higher bids and maximizing revenue.

Advertiser demand: If you have strong advertiser demand and competition for your ad inventory, implementing header bidding becomes more attractive. Header bidding enables demand partners to bid simultaneously, allowing for increased competition and potentially higher prices.

Technical capabilities: It’s important to consider the technical capabilities and compatibility of your demand partners. Ensure that your demand partners support header bidding and can integrate with your ad serving infrastructure. Some partners may have specific technical requirements or restrictions that need to be evaluated.

Development resources: Implementing and managing a header bidding solution requires technical resources and expertise. Assess whether you have the necessary development resources available in-house or if you can rely on external support to implement and maintain the header bidding infrastructure.

Revenue potential: Consider the potential revenue uplift that header bidding can bring. Evaluate whether the potential increase in revenue justifies the costs and efforts associated with implementing and managing a header bidding solution. This assessment should account for factors such as ad volume, bid competition, and historical performance metrics.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue header bidding as a feasible option for demand partners should be based on a comprehensive evaluation of these factors specific to your advertising ecosystem. It’s recommended to conduct thorough research, evaluate the technical requirements, and potentially consult with ad tech experts to make an informed decision.

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