Adops issues and our creative take to solve them

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Consulting publishers from multitude of verticals, we have come across a host of different publishers and some very unique issues that they faced. Here’s an account of some Ad operation (adOps) issues and potential path that we went through:

Ad Placement Optimization: AdOps teams often struggle with determining the optimal placement of ads to maximize performance and user engagement. This includes considerations such as ad position, page context, user behavior, and ad format. Automating the ad placement optimization process can help address this issue and improve overall campaign effectiveness.

Ad Creative Relevance: Delivering relevant ad creatives to the right audience is crucial for successful ad campaigns. AdOps teams face the challenge of tailoring ad content to match user preferences, behavior, and contextual factors. Dynamic ad creative generation can address this issue by generating personalized ad content in real-time, ensuring better alignment with user interests.

Ad Fraud: Ad fraud poses a significant problem in the digital advertising ecosystem, leading to wasted ad spend and inaccurate reporting. AdOps teams need robust measures to combat fraudulent activities such as click fraud, impression fraud, or fake ad placements. Blockchain-based ad verification can introduce transparency and trust to the adOps process, mitigating ad fraud issues.

User Engagement and Brand Recall: Traditional ad formats can sometimes struggle to engage users and create a lasting impact. AdOps teams strive to enhance user engagement and improve brand recall by exploring innovative and interactive ad experiences. Gamified ad experiences introduce elements of play and interactivity, capturing users’ attention and leaving a memorable impression.

Cross-Platform Targeting: With users consuming content across multiple devices and platforms, effective targeting across these channels becomes a challenge for adOps teams. They need solutions that enable them to reach their desired audiences seamlessly across different devices and platforms. Advanced cross-platform targeting capabilities can address this issue, allowing for precise audience segmentation and delivery.

Voice-Activated Ads: With the growing popularity of voice assistants and smart speakers, adOps teams are exploring ways to leverage this medium for advertising. However, creating voice-activated ads that provide relevant and engaging experiences can be a complex task. Developing voice-activated ads that respond to voice commands or natural language queries can capture user attention and drive effective ad engagement.

Augmented Reality (AR) Ads: AR technology offers immersive and interactive ad experiences, but implementing AR ads poses technical challenges for adOps teams. They need to create AR ads that seamlessly integrate with users’ environments and provide meaningful interactions. Augmented reality ads enable users to visualize products, try virtual demos, or engage with branded AR games, enhancing user engagement and driving conversions.

Collaboration and Communication: AdOps teams often face challenges in collaborating effectively with advertisers, publishers, and other stakeholders involved in the adOps process. Streamlining communication and resource sharing can improve overall efficiency and innovation in adOps. Developing collaboration platforms or marketplaces can facilitate seamless communication, foster collaboration, and enhance overall adOps effectiveness.

These were some of the key adOps issues that can benefit from creative solutions to drive improved performance, user engagement, and efficiency in digital advertising.

Please feel free to contact us if you see yourself in a bind about an issue. We would love to hear you out!

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